We strive to deliver products purchased from LAAM in a highly specialized manner along with ensuring that the outfit is sanitized, packed modestly, and is delivered at your doorsteps in the shortest time possible.

LAAM observes shipping fare zone wise. Below given are the details:


Order Value: Any

Shipping Fare: Free

Countries Included: Pakistan


Order Value: Under PKR 15,000

Shipping Fare: PKR 3,000

Order Value: Between PKR 15,001 to PKR 30,000

Shipping Fare: PKR 4,500

Order Value: Between PKR 30,001 to PKR 50,000

Shipping Fare: PKR 6,000

 Order Value: Above PKR 50,000

Shipping Fare: Free

Countries Included: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, GCC (Gulf), Rest of the world not included in Zone 1 and Zone 3

 ZONE 3:

Order Value: Any

Shipping Fare: PKR 15,000

Countries Included: Norway, South Africa and Bangladesh


Order Value: Between PKR 0 to PKR 20,000

Shipping Fare: PKR 9,000

Order Value: Between PKR 20,001 to PKR 30,000

Shipping Fare: PKR 15,000

Order Value: Between 30,001 to PKR 50,000

Shipping Fare: PKR 21,000

Order Value: Between PKR 50,001 to PKR 200,000

Shipping Fare: PKR 30,000

Order Value: Above PKR 200,000

Shipping Fare: PKR 50,000

Countries Included: India


Delivery Timeline: 

Luxury Pret: 4-5 weeks

Formals: 6-8 weeks

Bridals: 8-12 weeks

Unstitched: 7 days

*For international orders, delivery timeline may fluctuate ± 2 weeks 

**This is standard delivery timeline. However, based on the availability of slots, nature of order (normal/fast track) and season of order placement, the delivery time frame can vary.

NOTE: Delivery timeframe of 11.11 orders may vary due to overwhelming response. To get the exact delivery timeframe of your orders, please contact