Top Western Clothing Brands in Pakistan by LAAM

Top Western Clothing Brands in Pakistan by LAAM

Top Western Clothing Brands in Pakistan by LAAM

Knowing that clothing styles vary from region to region and even from time to time. Pakistan being the hub of cultural clothing, the focus has always been more on creating ethnic and traditional clothes. But the paradigm shift is a real thing, as now the trends and ideas have changed, or it would be better to say, have evolved and are open to trying out new things.

Western wear is equally loved, worn, and bought in Pakistan by a huge number. Pakistanis are doing great in manufacturing western apparel in Pakistan. Many international brands are also working here with their international fast-fashion franchises. As discussed before, people are well aware of the new trends and globally famous brands, they often source western clothes through different people and various e-commerce or local social media platforms. Let’s have a look at some ongoing western clothing in Pakistan and how they are styled by us!

Desi Woman – Styling Western apparel in Pakistan

Gaining popularity and changing trends have influenced desi women to experiment in western wear. We have shortlisted a few of the western clothing brands from Pakistan manufacturing the clothing as well as those which made their way to Pakistan, to have an overview of what are they offering us:

  • Closet
  • By the Way
  • Belva
  • Blk Vouge
  • Brumano
  • Bandana
  • Shein
  • Vanya
  • Focus

1. Closet


The Closet is a Pakistani western clothing brand. The latest collection from the closet is focusing on creating blooming attractive articles using the trendiest fabrics of the season. You will find all types of organza ruffled sleeves or crumbled tops to style on parties, birthdays, or just for a friends’ meet-up. Styling one of these tops with silk patterned or printed skirts is like being ready for your perfect twirl picture.

2. By The Way

By The Way

By the way, is working on seasonal ladies’ tops and some trousers following the western style. They work in the men’s dapper casual wear category and have shown some outstanding pieces, any guy would go for without having a second thought. This brand focuses on keeping the style simple yet crisp, suitable for any environment or gathering.

3. Belva


Fancy tops, floral maxis, and edgy pants are loved by everyone these days. Many often buy them but wonder how to stylize them properly. Belva has a taste of its own, they have carved a niche in fashion. Having wonderful options to select from and pair in any way you like has been made super easy. The neutrals, bold and summery colors are all waiting to get shopped at Belva.

4. Blk Vogue

Blk Vogue

Great street style, curated with details, that too in a western attire is amazing. Blk Vogue has a manufacturer’s facility and produces ripped jeans, flared jeans, bootcut, skinny, and all that makes you stand out. They have one of the most comfortable loungewear and sweatshirts too.BLK Vogue is an attractive brand when looked in closely, so, it’s worth and you will have no regrets.

Are these Western Clothing Brands worth your investment?

So, when we think of buying some western clothes from Pakistan we often think, are they providing good quality, or is the price worth the pieces they are selling, whether the styles are trending, or may we be able to pull them off nicely?

These are some common questions we always come across in our heads before doing western clothing online shopping. We have been getting attracted to the mannequins by wearing drapes and tucked-in shirts with slouchy jeans. We often think this might not be a good option for us. But these brands are catering every one providing tons of styles to target everybody’s comfort zone. The second thought of purchase is always the one that makes us indecisive. So, let’s discuss a few more brilliant western clothing brands worth your investment.

5. Brumano


Coming to another brand working with great versatility in designing their garments. Brumano is a pure men’s western clothing brand and has set the bar quite high. They are the masters in perfectly blending classic and contemporary designs. Their luxe shirts collection is made with the finest fabric ensuring that they will last longer and will be seen in your wardrobe years later as a masterpiece.

6. Bandana


Bandana plays its part in western clothing by manufacturing athleisure worth upgrading your closet. They are one of the brands that are using sustainable fabric, which itself is an ingenious approach as many buyers prefer sustainable fabric over others. As it gives a sense of satisfaction as well. They have a seasonal collection category from which you can shop according to your preference. Some casual and super comfortable matching separates are also in their top line.

7. Shein


Shein is a well-known brand as it is an online retailer for fast fashion clothing. They have a huge variety of every kind of styles. People check Shein and prefer it because they find amazing budget-friendly fancy tops, trendy trousers, baggy pants, party dresses, gowns, and much more. They have a huge follow-up of buyers when they think of western clothing. Shein is also a very superior option in Pakistan. People often find Shein one of the easiest to shop from brands.

8. Vanya


Vanya has stepped up the ladder and is doing a meticulous job in making amazing trendy outfits. They work in eastern clothing as well but talking about the western clothing brands in Pakistan, Vanya has come up with their awesome Kaftan collection.

These kaftans are very pocket friendly and beyond beautiful. They have a wonderful sparkly range that will grab the attention of any buyer. They are also working in beautiful luxury Pret, including some stylish organza detailed tops paired with sleek raw silk pants. Each piece has some blinking details in it making it look chic yet formal.

9. Focus


Talking about men, it’s never easy for them as well to find a nice well-made suit or a shirt they prefer. We often find very minimum men’s western clothing brands to offer appreciable style along with good quality. Focus clothing is one of those ventures where you get what you desire, or this might not be wrong to say you get, what you expect from them, everything you find visually appealing is what they deliver.

Finding the regional diversity in western clothing brands in Pakistan

When we talk about the international brands coming to Pakistan, we observe them and take inspiration from their styling. With every passing year, these international big brands have made local manufacturers of western clothing brands in Pakistan, create beyond people’s expectations. Coming from different regions let’s have a look, at, where these brands originate and how our local branding companies follow their footsteps and make a mark on their own.

As “Giordano” an Italian fashion brand, “Mango” a Spanish clothing brand,” PUMA” a German sports brand, ‘Shein” a Chinese retail brand, and “inc.” a South African brand. The brands mentioned above are also coming from different aspects of creativity, like BLK Vogue is inspired and designed in London but has gained a good marketplace in Pakistan.

Online western Shopping in Pakistan through One Platform-LAAM

Feels like being a part of all these western clothing brands’ collections discussed above, right? As LAAM has always been and is still in a constant rush to serve its customers a variety of articles to make them feel overwhelmed by the amazing choices they are going to choose from, every time they visit

Coming to western wear in Pakistan, LAAM is working hard to get in collaboration with as many western wear manufacturing brands as possible and this is the vision of LAAM to see its customers find everything on one platform, and that too, at the best of quality.