Want to turn heads this Eid? Check out these trending colors NOW!

Want to turn heads this Eid? Check out these trending colors NOW!

Want to turn heads this Eid? Check out these trending colors NOW!

Ramadan is about to end and with Eid being just around the corner,  we are assuming that all of you must be busy with finalizing your looks now. And, with Eid falling in the middle of Summer season, we want our looks to be as appropriate to the weather as they can be. 

One thing that needs utmost attention is the color palette that will complement the prevailing weather conditions and we are sure you all must have spent significant time deciding on the hues you will be adorning this Eid. 

So, we at LAAM, sifted through all the leading trends of the Spring/Summer season and compiled a list of 6 colors that were a popular choice amongst all our leading divas and stylists from the industry. Read our take on these trending hues below and select the one that deserves to be a part of your look on this Eid! 


There is nothing that spells summers more than the color Yellow. With its fresh and young vibes, it’s a timeless pairing that one can never go wrong with. This season, our designers and divas also can’t seem to stay away from these bold hues and hence, you must follow in their footsteps to create a look that instantly brightens up your face! 


White and Summers are two things you will always find to perfectly compliment each other. The breezy aura helps you beat the heat while the minimalistic vibe gives you a graceful and sophisticated look. We found some perfect White’s and can’t figure out which one we should steal for the Eid! 


Want a cool and calm color to have a refreshing glow to accompany your Eid look? Icey Blue is the color that you definitely should be looking for! This frosty pastel provides you with an ample room to play around. You can pair it with another tone from the same family to create a subtle clash that will provide a unique and chic touch to bind the look together. 


If you are someone who is looking for a color that neither falls in the bliss of neutrals nor in the clamor of bolds, then this shade of Pink is indeed what you should be deciding on. The softness of this shade is flattering on all skin tones and the romantic texture allows you to dress it up or down as per your mood. 


While belonging to the pastel-hued family, Minty Green still tends to provide you with a warm summer look that is easy to carry. Opting for this dominating and unexpected  shade will ensure that you stand out amongst the crowd because only the rare dare to adorn it. So, are you ready to take on this challenge and steal the spotlight on this Eid? 


Behold as we bring to you the statement shade of the season! Lilac is definitely one of the most versatile tones out there and hence, makes an immaculate pick for the occasion of Eid. This lite version of the color of royalty brings the needed richness in one's outfit and allows you to flaunt your quirky and modern side to the world. 

We won’t lie but we LOVE all these shades and can’t decide on any one of these as our Eid look! Which one did you choose? 

IMG Minahil Javed