Top 20 Brands of Pakistan only at LAAM!

Top 20 Brands of Pakistan only at LAAM!

Top 20 Brands of Pakistan only at LAAM!

Pakistani brands have proven to be the hub of fashion creativity in couture, and the Top 20 Brands of Pakistan are available to ship worldwide at LAAM! These brands have paved their way through the masses and gained international recognition, while becoming prominent household names in South Asia

Let’s take a look at the Top 20 Brands Of Pakistan and their availability at LAAM: 


The King of Couture is known to all and rightly so. Ali Xeeshan has made his mark in the Couture world in 2010 with his vibrant designs, unorthodox style statements, intricate handwork, and out-of-the-box campaign ideas! He never fails to impress his audience with his creativity in bridals, hence is first in Top 20 Brands Of Pakistan. 


Known for its delicacy, finesse and elegance, Tena Durrani is the epitome of eloquent bridals when it comes to Pakistani Couture. The brand established itself in 2005 and from then on has curated works of fine art for its clients. Tena usually plays with hues of Gold, Champagne, Silver and Ivory for their statement designs. 


The Queen of Mehndi Designs, Farah Talib Aziz, plays with vibrant hues of bold colors, to curate a picture-perfect outfit for your big day! An enterprise run by a mother-daughter duo, FTA has made its mark in Couture and Lawn as one of the biggest brands in Pakistan. Their range of Mehndi, Baraat and Walima bridals have eye-catching handwork and dainty embellishments to appease the heart of their clients. 


No Couture list can be complete without Faiza Saqlain’s breathtakingly beautiful bridal designs, curated to perfection in a bold color palette. Faiza Saqlain, established in 2012, has created a huge impact in the market providing stunning looks that last a long time. Her intricate designs and eloquent color palette secured her a place in the Top 20 Brands of Pakistan!


Popular among the masses for stunning Nikkah Bridals, Kanwal Malik has been dominating the Couture industry, one client at a time. From dainty Whites, to intricate Champagnes, to bold Reds, she has been curating pieces of perfection and is gaining immense fame in Bridals, Formals and Luxury Pret.


Ansab Jahangir Studio has been all the rage since the past few years because of their unique yet traditional style, splendid handwork, and reasonable prices. Ansab Jahangir has gained immense popularity among the masses and rightly bagged the title of “Best Upcoming Brand” of Pakistan. 


No fashion fanatic is new to the massive name of Kamiar Rokni, in Pakistan. The House Of Kamiar Rokni is one of the few heritage brands that have been turned to, time and again, for their designs’ timeless elegance and supreme quality. One of the best out there, indeed. 


Popular for their Couture and Lawn, Zara Shahjahan have proven themselves to be a Bridal Brand of immense grandeur and eloquence. Deep hues of Red and Orange are their specialty, and they are best known for their Baraat Dresses in Pakistan! 


One of the pioneers of Pakistan’s Fashion Couture Industry, the Queen of elegance and intricacy, Nilofer Shahid is perhaps one of the biggest brands in Pakistan. They are known to have dressed huge celebrities and superstars of Pakistan for their big days, and take pride in their twist of traditional and modernity in designs! 


Award Winning Designer, Hussain Rehar, has made his mark as the single-most creative designer in Pakistan, playing with a wide canvas of colors and designs. From dainty Luxury Pret designs to ethereal bridals, Hussain deserves to be in the Top 20 Brands Of Pakistan! 


The man who dressed Ranveer Singh! MNR has paced through the world of Women’s and Men’s Couture like a raging bull. He has dressed top celebrities internationally in his traditional yet modern embellished attires and left us in awe!


Known for orchestrating the Nikkah Ensemble of Gauahar Khan (in collaboration with LAAM), Saira Shakira is one of the finest designers at LAAM. Her attention to detail in hues of pastels made her a Walima favorite for Pakistan’s elite. 


Saira Rizwan has been a household brand name for decades. We’ve seen her Bridals, Formals, Luxury Pret and even Lawn breaking records! She plays with moderately dainty designs, on creative fabrics for the best client experience possible, hence is prominent as one of the Top 20 Brands Of Pakistan. 


Another King in the world of Couture, Rizwan Beyg, has proven his sense of style and design, on numerous national and international platforms. We’ve seen his stunning designs on Fashion Shows for more than a decade and believe he is one of the most established designers in Pakistan. 


This new duo has ignited a spark in the world of Couture through their distinctive designs and unique take on bridal campaigns; we love their color palettes!


A name known to all for authentic designs, quality fabric and massive campaigns; Asim Jofa is undoubtedly one of the most established designers in Pakistan. From Lawn to Luxury Pret, to Bridals, Asim has made an undying mark in the fashion industry of Pakistan.


Mahgul may not be a huge name, but it surely has paved its way into the big names of the industry. Designing masterpieces in Bridals and Lawn, it is indeed a well recognized name in the Pakistani fashion market.


This women-led brand has curated blingy yet stunning bridals in hues of Silver, Champagne and Ivory. Notably, Nickie Nina is popular for their modern cuts and enchanting embellishments, a well-known brand for Walima Bridals!


Rising sensation, Annus Abrar, has made its mark as a Bridal Couture and Luxury Pret Brand in 2020-2021. Their use of a dark color palette, hues of Gold and stunning hand embellished  designs has made them a unique choice for Brides! 


Which fashion connoisseur is unaware of the legend of Fahad Hussayn? Being, yet again, a rather huge household name, Fahad Hussayn has arguably been a couture market leader since years! Recently, his "Goud Bharai" ensemble "Sou Duaain" for Iqra Aziz's Bridal Shower stole the limelight!

Our Top 20 Brands Of Pakistan list is made through sheer observation and craze for fashion! However, now we would like to know which one are your top 5 brands? Let us know in the comments below! 

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