The "IT" Lawns of the Season Coming Soon at LAAM!

The "IT" Lawns of the Season Coming Soon at LAAM!

The "IT" Lawns of the Season Coming Soon at LAAM!

Even with Ramadan just around the corner, the lawn season is still in full swing and we are yet to see some of the “IT” lawns from renowned Fashion houses. So, take our suggestion and don’t just complete your Eid shopping yet as you would definitely want to get your hands on one of these gorgeous outfits! 

Maryam Hussain

Maryam Hussain’s collection is all about celebrating the essence of summer this season. From incorporating intricate floral embroideries to using flamboyant yet unique color palette. 

The embroideries and prints provide a nostalgic vibe, taking us back to our local tribal heritage, providing us with ensembles that are distinct in nature as compared to other collections of the season. 

Looking for a lawn outfit that has a solid base of strong colors and makes the embroideries on it stand out the most? Then this is the collection which you should definitely be exploring!


This year, Elan, takes us on a vivid journey of a traditional Turkish bride based in the city of Ormana. During this, we are introduced to multiple outfits with detailed embroideries and a wide spectrum of, both, flamboyant and pastel colors. 

In this collection, we are loving how every outfit has its own story with a particular inspiration being attached to it. These individualities of delicate embroidery patterns vary from woven Persian carpets to Egyptian iconography and frescoes and many more.

Make sure you get your hands on one of these beautifully crafted ensembles so that your wardrobe has a classic yet rich look for this Spring season! 


Rani Sahiba is a collection that has come forward with a very strong storyline and aesthetically compelling visuals. The concept for every design is deeply embedded in the campaign’s narrative i.e. revolutionary with a touch of conventional. 


Grandeur and regality is vividly portrayed throughout the campaign and hence, each outfit is designed to make you feel like nothing less than a Queen!

The charm of chic is perfectly complemented with soft hues which are further accentuated with artisanal crafted floral embroideries, making this collection a perfect pick for your wardrobe this season! 


This year, Republic is coming up with a collection which draws its inspiration from the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene! Hence, in this pristine collection, we are getting to see “dreamy silhouettes, classic charm, and unparalleled grace.” 

The color palette covers a wide spectrum with vibrant reds & blues at one end and subtle pinks and purples at the other. 

If you are planning to keep your look soft and traditional, this is the collection for you!

#TeamLaam wholeheartedly believes that having one of the outfits from these glorious collections is definitely a MUST HAVE for your wardrobe so that you can steal all the limelight in this Spring/Summer season!

IMG Minahil Javed A traveling enthusiast, an avid reader and a religious perfectionist!