Remarkable Mehndi Designs for the Brides of Today!

Remarkable Mehndi Designs for the Brides of Today!

Remarkable Mehndi Designs for the Brides of Today!

What are weddings without Mehndi? In desi weddings, mehndi is one of the most important elements and is said to be the symbol of love between the bride and the groom. We decided to curate the best modern bridal mehndi designs for you so that 2020 brides have a look-book of experimental to minimal, yet classy, designs that they can pick from for their big day.

If you are the bride who wants to keep it traditional, then this design is meant for you. It is an intricate bridal mehndi design with an Arabic touch to it and is a full hand modern mehndi pattern that covers almost all the space.

These days, Mandala design is definitely trending. We, the #TeamLaam , believes that a bride should make her wedding one of a kind, in every way possible! Because, it’s okay to be cliché and cheesy, or sparkly and extra on your big day! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of a thing after all!

We love how magnificent this design looks! The delicacy it radiates certainly provides it with a soft allure. However, this one requires a lot of detailing so make sure your artist is briefed about it well in advance.

If unique things are something you love, then this idea is just for you! Parrot and ‘matka’ figurines in your mehndi would give you an element of cuteness, fun and will surely take you down the desi road. Also, be ready to be complimented, a LOT for this amusing pattern - for sure!

Lastly, on your big day, don’t shy away from letting your mehndi define you!

IMG Minahil Javed A traveling enthusiast, an avid reader and a religious perfectionist!