Luxury Lawn 2022-A Step into Dreamy Summer Island

Luxury Lawn 2022-A Step into Dreamy Summer Island

Luxury Lawn 2022-A Step into Dreamy Summer Island

Summers are a treat when we think of styling clothes and soothing our eyes with a soft color palette. The vibrance of festive clothes and their gorgeous detailing with the perfect color contrast is surely the most captivating part of the season. Entering Summers is always a pleasure and a vibe on its own.

The breezy weather calls for getting out of homes all dressed up and slaying the summer lawn dresses beautifully with the ever-beautiful sunset tea parties and airy evenings in the garden with a group chit chat. The heart is always excited about new Luxury Lawn Collections to replenish the seasonal stock and have the right number of hangouts and fun with friends.

So, we have decided to have a look at the dreamy summer Island of infinite Luxury Lawn Collections, which we have been surprised by brands this year.

Summer Calls - From Lawn to Luxury Lawn

Summer Calls - From Lawn to Luxury Lawn

Whenever we think of summers, the lawn is the most preferred fabric that comes to our minds. But the new changing trends have evolved and the Luxury Lawn is the talk of the town for the past few years. Switching from looking only for day-to-day lawn collection to luxury lawn collection is due to the efficient working of the designers and craftsmen, who, with their creative approach attracted the customers to choose the latter for enjoying the season by adding a touch of class and keeping their comfort zone alive.

Therefore, the concept changed from wearing a normal day-to-day lawn to carrying it to the fanciest gatherings and festivals. The luxury lawn collections are the gorgeous work of thread, Zari, tilla, and organza embroidered patches to get them appliqued while getting your dress stitched, or get a designer ready to wear luxury lawn article, enhancing its splendid style and beauty.

Layering it up with more laces and sewed embellishments makes every eye desire these outstanding articles. Having a good option to go to a wedding or a party, keeping the rising temperature of summers in mind.

How to make Wardrobe choices with Luxury Lawn Collections

How to make Wardrobe choices with Luxury Lawn Collections

The chaotic fast life has also opened multiple decision doors for us. This race has got all the brands to work hard and stay steadfast in delivering the best of the best to their customers just in time for summers. Keeping an eye on every brand, customers keep on looking for the unique and trendiest summer lawn dresses to keep their style game up to date. The summer lawn collections are meant to keep the day-to-day wear chic and comfortable. Therefore, the shortlisting of brands has become quite hard. But the easiest way is to opt out according to the trending summer lawn colors, and summer lawn designs, or keeping a track of what kind of summer Pret collections are launched by the brands.

Starting with some summer Chikankari Luxury Lawn Collections, the Chikankari is one of the trending fabrics of the season, and having one in your wardrobe will be the most cherished one for you. Go for a solid color to keep it an evergreen purchase. The beautiful luxury lawn collections have introduced chikankari suits with embellishments making it a perfect summer party wear.

The Hot Selling Luxury Lawn Brands – 2022

We are blessed to have multiple brands working in Luxury Lawn Collections, which are not only praised in Pakistan but are a popular buy internationally as well.  We have a list below covering the most loved Luxury Lawn Collections 2022. Let us admire the beautiful outfit ideas.

  • Elan
  • Mushq
  • Farah Talib Aziz
  • Zaha
  • Maryam Hussain
  • Sobia Nazir

1. Elan

1. Elan

Elan, as ever has launched a collection with scintillating embroidery on the colorful canvas of breathable lawn. They have engraved slight mirror work with floral mesmerizing feminine designs, perfect for festivities and as a summer semi-formal wear.

2. Mushq

2. Mushq

Highlighting the Chikankari Fabric and crochet lace work, the superlative Mushq Luxury Lawn Collection is going a step ahead in giving us all the real summer vibes with its splendid color palette. This will for sure be everyone’s happy-go-lucky wear this season.

3. Farah Talib Aziz

3. Farah Talib Aziz

Enticing sorbet hues with minimalistic embroidered designs, gathering all the praises, yes! no one can beat the exemplary beautiful Farah Talib Aziz’s Luxury Lawn Summer Collections. The captivating details always take the spotlight. Farah Talib Aziz’s Luxury Lawn Collection is a season must-have in your wardrobe.

4. Zaha

4. Zaha

One of its own kind, Zaha Luxury Lawn collections are designed and presented at another creative level. They have a wonderful aesthetic and they know how to create a magical outfit, out of the traditional designs. Zaha has launched its collection by getting inspired by the culturally rich tribal areas of Pakistan, making it a new experience to adorn these classic pieces this season.

5. Maryam Hussain

5. Maryam Hussain

From a traditional classic outfit to a rosy floral garden, Maryam Hussain's Luxury Lawn Collection is packed with mesmerizing embroideries and pleasing color schemes. The patterns give all the right feels to keep asking for more of this amazing collection. Get one for yourself to adorn this summer season in style.

6. Sobia Nazir

6. Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir aesthetically ravishing Luxury Lawn Collection is a rollercoaster ride in serene embellishments and artwork embroideries, beautifying every inch of the outfit. Sobia Nazir has also launched another collection this year under the name “Zysha” which is a sub-brand and is a pocket-friendly buy for everyone. This is no less than the prettiest treat this summer, with a touch of our cultural style. Make your summer hangouts a pleasant and dreamy experience with Sobia Nazir’s Luxury Lawn Collection.

Perks of buying a Luxury Lawn over Fancy Formals

Nothing can take away the excitement and dedication to dress up for the events. Here let us look into the perks of buying a Luxury Lawn over the usual fancy formals for igniting up these events. Investing in Luxury Lawn collections is beneficial, as these dresses can be used as a party dress and later can be flaunted at any gathering, at home, or a semi-formal dinner, an evening Hi-Tea, or a function.

We often think that only silk and chiffons can make up for a fancy formal, but carrying these fabrics in the thrashing hot weather of summers is equivalent to ruining your outfit with sweats and draining yourself as well, ending up not making most of the events. Getting these in your wardrobe as a party or semi-formal wear is the perfect reverie for every one of you.

The Luxury Lawn Collections are a compilation of heavenly designed dreamy dupattas, at times paired with chiffon, organza, and cotton net, finely embellished ones to complete the ravishing fancy look. The shirts and pants are embellished with sequins, pearls, threads, and other beautifying stones, creating a masterpiece to slay.

Offering Infinity options to Choose from -

As discussed above, LAAM is always delighted to provide the infinity Luxury Lawn Collections to choose from, for our customers. We consider it our pleasure to work with multiple local brands, with remarkably stunning Lawn Collections. Offering 100% original products with a worldwide shipping facility, to let the world know, what our fashion industry is capable of. Making overseas enjoy the extremely beautiful Luxury Lawn Collections everywhere in the world.