Set Out the Majestic Charm of Gown Styles

Set Out the Majestic Charm of Gown Styles

Set Out the Majestic Charm of Gown Styles

Dressing up is loved by the masses at every end of the world. Therefore, authentic eastern wear from Pakistan is also an appreciable attire in all the Asian countries and has also been praised by the western people. Our ethnic wear is a cultural representation of art and talent our workmen and designers put into making each article captivating and drool-worthy.

It makes its way to every culture and brings its origin everywhere to mark its identity. We have been praising gowns from the west for a long time, and we have always loved the idea of styling them on every occasion. May it be a wedding, a birthday bash, a farewell party, a brunch, or a backyard party.  Keeping this thought in mind, Pakistani Couture has evolved the fashion game by envisioning amazing gown styles, adding a traditional eastern blend to them.

We have stunning gowns for women designed by the exceptionally talented designer artists of Pakistan with different styles to be adorned according to the event. Let’s discuss the gowns as a dress in Pakistan and what options we have to choose from gowns for an event. Gowns are stylized as luxury pret and formal wedding wear as well.

Fashioning the Charisma of Gowns

Fashioning the Charisma of Gowns

Creating an impression in the best of the attires needs aesthetically pleasing dresses. Keeping this in mind, who does not love the charisma of gowns? The royalty they define and the formal touch of embracing gowns has always been among the head turners at any event.

Gowns are designed in various styles; we have been witnessing so many of them. These are being worn in the Asian side of the world from quite old times. The people from the Mughal era have also been seen wearing these gowns with heavy thread work details on a slit open long shirt over the petticoat below the gown.  These gowns are categorized as an epitome of class and poise.

We have seen celebrities often pick this as special wear for award functions and big international events. These dresses became a popular talk of the town in the early 2000s in Pakistan, when the designers started reviving the tradition of these gowns in the fashion industry. These can be worn casually as well as can be adorned formally as well. Many times, people invest in a single long gown that can be styled with various outfits in contrast.

Head up with these Gorgeous Gown Dress Collections

Head up with these Gorgeous Gown Dress Collections

A solid banarsi gold gown, black gown, or a neutral-toned gown with zari and dabka details is a one-time investment made for years. These can be paired with any kind of inner or even with embellished dupattas to stay in the pakistani fashion game. Whereas the net and organza gowns are the hype in the fashion industry these days.

These fabrics are precious because of the delicacy they create in the dress. It is a sophisticated ensemble with which everyone’s persona is dignified to the next level.

Gowns are categorized as comfortable and easy-to-carry attire because of their versatility to stylize the dress. These gowns have also made their way to casual clothing. Other than the jamawar, organza, net, and silk we often find these gowns in different, day-to-day fabrics, including lawn, khaddar, and chiffon.

The class remains the same in whatever fabric these gowns are worn, that is why we say these are all-time favorites and a classic pick.

Wedding Gowns – A timeless Purchase

Wedding Gowns – A timeless Buying

Weddings are one of the most special days for any bride, where she is always ready to spend and invest her time and money, not giving a second thought to anything only to make this day a memorable one. Therefore, investing in a good timeless outfit is one of the best decisions.

The wedding gowns are the perfect purchase for a wedding day or reception. These are beautiful and made more elegant with intricate, fine needled embroideries and embellishments. These are the type of purchases that can be redone in so many ways and you can dress them in unique ways even after years.

The wedding gowns are of many different styles and every style is one of a kind.

The Long Tail Gowns

Long tail gowns are basically from the family of the wedding gowns or the ones worn on the red carpet and at premiere events by the fashion industry masses. The fusion of ethnic style dabka, tilla and today’s trendy digital hand embroidered work on a long tail gown makes it both great to be adorned at an eastern or western event.

The long tail gowns symbolize monarchs, it is a remarkable dress selection for these events and should not be missed.

A-Line Gowns

A-Line Gown

A-Line Gowns have a wide flare or border than the usual straight gowns. These are more like the western dresses and they fall in the category of frocks and dresses with wide flares. In comparison, these are more formal and often seen at engagements and wedding functions.

Casual Gowns for Women- An Everyday Pick

Casual Gowns

Front Open Gowns

The front open gowns are both designed in short and long lengths, and these beautiful gowns are paired with inners as well as can be styled with a ban collar and as a buttoned-down gown. The casual inner and gown sets look sturdy and formal, these are being designed by many of the Pakistani brands, who specialize in working for Pret and Luxury Pret.

Ethnic, Generations, Chinyere, and Limelight are a few of the brands where we can find front open gowns for casual and party wear.

Combination of the Gowns with Belt


The gorgeousness of these gowns can also be uplifted with a belt to add a chic effect to your outfit. The new trend is having beautiful gowns, locked from the waist with an embellished fabric or metal belt. It adds a whimsical touch to this dress.

Embracing the Royalty of Gowns

Embracing the Royalty of Gowns

Embrace the royalty and try the hassle-free, head-turning outfit for yourself - everyone should wear one of these gowns for once at least, embrace the royalty, and experience the hassle-free, head-turning outfit.

These impeccable gowns for you are constructed by our famous internationally renowned designers and our local ones to make you praise every detail they have worked on for days.

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