10 Dresses To Wear To A Desi Wedding; Make A Statement As A Guest

10 Dresses To Wear To A Desi Wedding; Make A Statement As A Guest

10 Dresses To Wear To A Desi Wedding; Make A Statement As A Guest

Pakistani weddings have become a hot ground to bring forth your fashion A-Game! In recent times, we have seen some extravagant yet uber-chic wedding essentials making bold statements. Be it Sangeet, Mehndi or Day-Time Shendis, Pakistanis have been experimenting with various color palettes and vibrant designs to distinguish their fashion game from others.

Here are our top 10 picks for day-time and night-time wedding events:


1) The Mia Sari by Zarih

Outfit: Zarih | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

Day-time weddings are made for pastel saris and uber-cool sunglasses! This gorgeous mellow blue sari by Zarih is a definitive head-turner for any function. The intricate silver embellishments on the sari paired with delicate jewelry will make you stand out, instantaneously!

2) Sohrabi by Xenia Formals

Outfit: Xenia Formals | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

Peach is undoubtedly the ever-loved day-time color. Hues of pastel pink amalgamated with dainty white-gold embellishments, paired with soft dewy makeup and gold heels makes the perfect ensemble! This combination looks like an absolute dream for when the sun hits right!

3) Dia by Ansab Jahangir

Outfit: Ansab Jahangir | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

Sari Pants? Count us in! These heavily adorned Sari Pants are our best pick for day-time events! Sari Pants have gaged quite the hype this season over their elegance and classiness. These hues of silver and green are the epitome of class and guarantee to make an unwavering statement at any event.

4) Sila by Hussain Rehar

Outfit: Hussain Rehar | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

This monochromatic hue of the grayish-silver dream is the epitome of elegance with intricate adornments on a rich silk base. Meticulous handiwork and a dreamy color palette make it a perfect balance of silk and sparkle, ready to shine on any bridesmaid!

5) Heirloom Pieces by Souchaj

Outfit: Souchaj | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

The coalescence of mild yellow and pastel pink is the combination you NEED for a day-time event. When the sun holds place, the yellow-and-pink classic shines brighter than the sun and when it sets, it looks like dream at dawn! Delicate cutwork inculcated on a grandeur of rusty gold design is a show-stopper, curated by one of the most genius designers of Pakistan



1) Ghuncha by Faiza Saqlain

Outfit: Faiza Saqlain | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

Velvets are all the rage this season and rightly so! This stellar green ensemble designed by FaizaSaqlain has made its way to our list because of all the distinctive elements it has brought together! The velvet bottle-green and gold kameez with an exquisitely designed border has to be a Velvet Winner for the season. Paired with the right pair of gold khussas, an embroidered organza dupatta and gold jhumkay, this outfit is the perfect night-time fit!

2) Festive Collection by Farah Talib Aziz

Outfit: Farah Talib Aziz | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

The regal black combined with a vibrant color makes any outfit trendy! This gorgeous combination of black, blue, purple and gold has our heart. The long maxi-like shirt has just the perfect amount of handiwork and delicac. This head-turner has been worn by many celebrities and influencers in this season and we can see why!

3) Sitara by Umsha 

Outfit: Umsha by Uzma Babar | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

Black, blue and orange – the color palette serving as a sight for sore eyes! This stunner is definitely on our list for its thoroughly gasping color scheme and unique lengha-choli design adorned with a heavily embellished gold waist-belt; as a sweet coalition between traditional and modern. Twirling in this on the dance floor will guarantee heart casualties!

4) Shireen by Shazak Malik

Outfit: Shazak Malik | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

Purple and green, the ever-adored mehndi combination is back with a bang with this ShazakMalik special! Seeing this gorgeous color palette designed with such grace and intricacy compelled us to put this on our list for best night looks!

5) Heaven’s Breath by Nilofer Shahid

Outfit: Nilofer Shahid | Now available to shop at www.laam.pk

Gold Sari is a timeless classic and no one has done it better than Nilofer Shahid, this season.Bringing the traditional element of gold back and combining it with a gracefully modern design, this sari has outdone itself with its layering grandeur. The incandescent Gold champagne blouse, the back and front, both are laden with exquisite details portraying Heavenly embellishment. This is a truly exquisite ensemble that is sure to make heads turn this festive season!


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